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Congratulations Orange Crush Team!
They are moving on to the finals which will be held November 1st in Austin Texas.
Well Done team!


Golf With Other Chapters

Cal Classic Presented by Harrah’s Resort Southern California

Stacey Hayashi from LPGA AGA- San Diego Chapter announced this upcoming event at the recent OC Invitational.

Event Dates: Sunday, November 11 & Monday, November 12, 2018

Event Format: 2-day Team Scramble Competition (4-player teams), Ambrose golf

Location: Rancho Bernardo Inn / Country Club of Rancho Bernardo

Reg Info:                          

Registration Wave #1 – Allow for 5 teams to register per city

Registration Wave #2 – Whatever chapter team slots not filled

More information will follow –  Here's the link for more information.

 For any questions, please email me at:  CalClassicSD@gmail.com

 Stacey Hayashi

LPGA Amateurs Membership Cards

 Check your mailboxes! The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Membership cards have been sent and should be in your mailbox soon.
  • If the card has an expiration date of 7/31/18 and you have recently renewed your membership, a new card will be sent out in the next few weeks. 

  • If you did not receive a card, please take this opportunity to update your mailing address. You can do so by logging into the Member Clubhouse, then click on "My Profile" and update the information.

  • If you recently became a member, we will be sending your card shortly. If you require a temporary card to start utilizing discounts or attend tournaments, email 
           membership@lpgaamateurs.com and a temporary card can sent to you via email.  
For any assistance related to membership, contact membership@lpgaamateurs.com

As golfers, how often have we invited someone who has an interest in the game to join us at the golf course?  

One of the main challenges for women who wish to learn or return to golf is the game’s inherent intimidation factor. Since it is rare that anyone attends a party they are not invited to, and there is an interest in making golf more welcoming, the golf industry is launching the new #inviteHER initiative.  The goal of #inviteHER is to encourage golfers to inspire the women in their lives to play golf.  

The nationwide initiative is being launched on August 29th and will focus on the friendly invite to prospective golfers which can be initiated through a specific event, a visit to a local driving range or Topgolf, taking a lesson, or playing a few holes.  #inviteHER is not intended to be a one-and-done campaign, but rather a lasting rallying cry to get more women in the game. 

We encourage all our members to think about other women - family, friends, business colleagues who might be interested in the game -  and personally invite them to play golf with you!   We believe in the power of the personal invitation to lessen the intimidation of learning how to play, showing up at the golf course for the first time, or just playing 9-holes of golf. Watch for additional details about how you can share your passion and #inviteHER to join in the fun.

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2018 New Memberships

LPGA AGAOC is pleased to welcome the following new members as of the 2nd quarter of 2018

Lily Cederkvist - Melody Johnson - Ofeliia Weiner
Shannon Woolgar - Karen Tucker - Lucille Catino 
Lynn Couillard - Conni Hradecky - Samantha Garcia 

Thanks to Jordana Furman for the referrals. 

 Just recruit a member or sponsor to join our chapter and get rewarded. 
 Get Members/Sponsors Get Rewarded 

Sponsors of LPGA Amateur Golf Association OC



Health Exam for Only $40

Enjoy this $40 health coupon ( a $350 value!) for a detailed exam with x-rays, and a Report of Findings. This is a great offer for anyone experiencing pain in many areas including but not limited to neck, shoulder, back pain, lower back pain, TMJ, headaches, digestive problems.
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